101 Things Women Should Stop Arguing About

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, let us all find other things to talk about. Please.

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1. How “feminist” something or someone is2. How to correctly be a woman3. Caitlin Moran4. Miley Cyrus’ tongue 5. Make-up6. Self esteem7. Taylor Swift 8. Carbohydrates9. Cleavage at work10. Leaning in11. Bending over12. Kegel exercises 13. What type of wine to order14. Drinking while pregnant15. Drinking while texting16. How to correctly wear hair doughnuts17. Kim Kardashian’s decisions18. The word “bitch”19. Skirt lengths20. “Empowering” quotes on Facebook21. Gaining weight22. Losing weight23. Salad24. Kale25. Juicing26. “Can I poo in front of my partner?”27. Getting married28. Not getting married29. Weddings 30. Hen parties31. Bridesmaids32. Bridesmaid dresses33. Bridesmaids the film34. Changing/not changing your last name after marriage35. Having children36. Not having children37. Adopting children38. IVF39. PMS40. LOL41. Sex42. Anal sex43. Sex workers44. Strippers45. Vibrators46. Nipple tassels47. “Women’s magazines”48. Airbrushing49. American Apparel50. Katy Perry’s fringe51. Michelle Obama’s choice of outfits52. Onesies53. Twosies54. Three-ways55. Underwear56. Pubic hair57. Armpit hair58. Rogue boob hairs59. Anal bleaching60. Upper-lip waxing61. Eyebrow threading62. Vagina names63. Baby names64. Birthing plans65. Breastfeeding66. Breast implants67. Botox68. Cellulite69. Cellulite creams70. Mooncups vs Tampons71. Mooncups vs Moonpig72. Uggs73. High heels74. Jennifer Lawrence75. Feminine wash76. Yogurt adverts77. Post-baby bodies78. Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits79. Dress size80. Lady Gaga’s ass81. Madonna’s face82. Beyoncé83. “Blurred Lines”84. Selfies85. Facebook stalking86. Mummy bloggers87. Jezebel.com88. Zooey Deschanel89. Dressing for your “body type”90. Spanx91. Fashion blogging92. Wearing leggings as trousers93. Girls94. Lena Dunham’s naked body95. Ryan Gosling > Bradley Cooper96. Being a “stay-at-home mum”97. Being a “working mum”98. Which One Direction member you’re going to marry (Answer: None of them)99. Vitamin consumption100. Anne Hathaway’s accent in One Day101. What women should and shouldn’t be arguing about

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