Kim Kardashian Meets “Cash Me Outside”


Kim Kardashian and Danielle Bregoli are friends now guys. Now, you’ll remember that back in February, Danielle had some not so pleasant things to say about Kim and her family. But it looks as though Kim has forgiven Danielle, mainly because she didn’t know who she was. Check More at


These Real Life Witches Stories Show You The Power Of Fear.

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The witch on a broomstick flying over the moon is a classic Halloween symbol. She might even have an accessory black cat, crow or crafty cackle. But the truth is most accused “witches” in history were never as warmly received as this image, let alone the whole Harry Potter craze. Witch stories from back in […]


Kim Kardashian busts out of lace dress at pal’s wedding do

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KIM Kardashian was resolved to be the focal point of consideration on Saturday — in spite of being at another person’s wedding. The truth star didn’t give the celebratory event a chance to put a dampener all alone style stakes, endeavoring to upstage the lady in an eye-popping ribbon dress. The unusual dark number complemented […]


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