Kim Kardashian Labelled ‘Stupid’ After Tweeting This About Obama

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Kim Kardashian has been labelled a ‘moron’ after appearing to misunderstand what the midterm elections in the U.S are all about.  Kim posted a cartoon image of herself with President Obama, writing: ‘I’m standing w Obama in the midterm election 2morrow!’

The only catch being that Obama wasn’t up for reelection.


Naturally, Twitter users weren’t going to let it slide and she was instantly ridiculed by people explaining that Obama is clearly not on the ballot for the midterms. Among the insults being catapulted at her were ‘airhead’, ‘bimbo’, and ‘moron.’

In Kim’s defense, she could have been trying to say that she was backing Obama by voting for the Democratic party. Either way, it wasn’t a very happy day for Kim or Obama as the Republican’s won  control of the senate.

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